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We know what it’s like to be in the middle of wedding planning-madness, so let’s cut to the chase when it comes to pricing!

We offer two basic packages: in town & out of town!

»  $600 // Our first package is limited to weddings in Kern County, CA!
»  $1000 // Our second package is for out of county weddings! Though road trips are one of our favorite pass-times, this allows us to have somewhere to stay and covers all the other travelling fees! Pricing may vary depending on distance and such, but around $1000 should be expected, along with 54.5 cents per mile drive.

Of course, pricing can be negotiated depending on what exactly you’re looking for. IE: How far we’re travelling, if you only want part of the wedding shot, etc, etc! If you’re interested in something like unique, shoot us an email!

The basic schedule of photos usually looks something like this...

-Getting Ready
Venue & Bridal Party
-(First look couples shots)
-Cocktail Hour (Between ceremony and reception)
Bride & groom portraits
Bridal party
Family photos

 Portraits - All types

1 Hour Local Shoot - $150
1 Hour Location Shoot - $150+ & 54.5 cents per mile

Still Life & Product Photography -

2 Hour Shoot - $150
3 Hour Shoot - $200

All pricing is negotiable depending on what you’re looking for - we simply want to give you an idea of what we charge! But don’t be afraid to reach out to us so we can figure everything out!